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Watch My Perfect Vagina:

Watch My Penis and Everyone Else’s:

Then answer the following questions in a 350-word Comparative Essay:

How does the labiasplasty film compare to the penile enlargement film?
What is the running theme that both films have in common?
What are your personal thoughts on altering genitals for cosmetic purposes?

Be sure your essay is a well-developed. Use examples from the films, the eText and the lectures. If you write only 1-2 sentences for each question, you will not get full credit.

See Grading Rubric for “Comparison Essay” for exact breakdown of points.

Comparison Paper – 100 points
Essay follows formatting requirements outlined in Writing Policies on syllabus (proper heading, title, font, margins, etc) (5 points deducted if any part of the Writing Policy is not met)
Essay is a minimum of 350 words (5 points deducted if paper is 275-349 words; 10 points deducted if paper is 200-274 words; 25 points deducted if paper is 125-199 words; 35 points deducted if paper is 100-124 words; 50 points deducted if paper is less than 100 words.
All 4 required questions are answered in essay format (5 pts deducted for each question not answered)
Paper is in ESSAY format (5 pts deducted if paper is numbered questions rather than in essay format)


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