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This assignment consists of two parts.The first part has to do with businesses processes. The second part focuses on the role of technology as an enabler of good business processes.

PART 1. Watch the two short videos and then identify three (3) process improvements for the ordering process in the second video.

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Spotlight on Value Streaming
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Seinfeld Customer Service Example
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PART 2.  Your task is to connect the application of CRM technology with business processes and customer experiences. How can CRM technology facilitate CRM business processes and ultimately customer experiences? Please go to Salesforce’s website and browse through the various sections. Then go to the Customer Success Stories section at:

Browse through the companies and select one that grabs your attention. Watch the short video and/or read the testimonial from the Company, putting special attention to the changes in business processes and the impact to customer experiences, as a result of implementing Salesforce. In your posting, state your last name and chosen Company in the SUBJECT line as follows: “Nancy Rauseo – Company Name”. Answer the following questions, stating the question first and then your response.

  1. What Company did you select? Who are the customers of this Company? Are the customers consumers or businesses or both? Describe the general customers’ profiles and needs.
  2. What specific business processes did the Company modify using Salesforce? Sales, marketing, and/or service? Be detailed. For example, improving the way leads are generated is a sub-process of sales.
  3. How were the customers’ experiences affected by the changes made to processes and technology?
  4. Tell us about the experience this Company had as a result of implementing Salesforce. Please use your own words. Don’t cut and paste. What were the tangible benefits that resulted for this Company? What value did it create for the Company?
  5. Pose a question that you have about CRM technology and its impact to a Company and its customers. Is there anything that is unclear? Is there anything you disagree with and why? Don’t ask something we don’t have the answer to. Pose questions we can comment on!



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