CIS 115-Final Exam-Fall 2016 Solved

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In this course you studied the following topics:

1. Digital Content
2. Digital Devices
3. Networks
4. The Web
5. Social Media
6. Software
7. Digital Security
8. The ICT Industry
9. Information Systems
10. Databases
11. Programming

The purpose of the final project is to give you an opportunity to apply the information presented in the course to a real-life situation. Begin by reading all instructions very carefully. Make sure you justify why you made the choices that you did.
You have just taken a new position as Technology Specialist at a small Web Design company, where the people are employed in the following positions:
• Eduardo – Manager of Information Systems
• Kate – Web Designer – requires superior graphics
• Luis – Programmer – telecommutes one day per week
• YOU – Technology Specialist

Part I & II – Hardware and Software
The company has decided to invest in new computers, as well as upgrade their networking system, and software. Eduardo has asked you to determine the computer and peripheral needs for everyone in the office, taking into account their job function. This includes (but not limited to) the following equipment:

• Type of Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
• Microprocessor
• Hard Drive
• Optical Storage (if necessary)
• Removable Storage
• Display
• Necessary Peripherals
• Operating System

Using Word or Excel, create a table or spreadsheet, which describes the needs of each position and the specifications for their computer. Explain why you chose the equipment, etc. to meet the needs for each person. Include detailed information on each of the components listed above. Include pricing for each computer. It is not necessary to adhere to a budget.
Describe in detail the software each person will need on his/her computer, and explain the reasons the software is necessary for that person. Research pricing for the software online and include the cost.
In order to complete the project for Eduardo, you will need to research the following:
• Each job function
• Computers
• Operating Systems
• Peripherals
• Software specific for each job

Part III – The Internet
Eduardo has asked you to research Internet Service Providers (ISP). Consider how the employees in your office typically use the Internet. This could include types of activities performed using the Internet, frequency at which these activities are performed, the amount of data being uploaded/downloaded by each individual on daily basis, the peak and off peak hours of network traffic. You can extend your research covering any other factors to select the best ISP.
Research various Internet service providers, comparing products and prices, and make a recommendation on which ISP should be chosen. Justify your answer. Include a cost comparison of all companies you researched.

Part IV – Security
In Part III, you researched and recommended an ISP for the company. Along with this comes security. Keeping in mind how Eduardo, Kate, Luis and yourself use the Internet, research and compare various antivirus software products (at least 3), and make a recommendation on a product including pricing. Be sure to provide a justification – your reasons for choosing the provider.
Create a list of the top 7 cyber-attacks you feel are most relevant for your company. Use a table in Word, or a Spreadsheet and describe each type of attack in detail and the potential harm they would have on the company. This will be used to make other employees aware of the potential risks, and their responsibility in helping to prevent such attacks.

Part V – Local Area Network
As part of the computer upgrade, new printers, scanners, and other network devices as well as network equipment and will be upgraded. Consider how you will use a local area network in your office. Make a list of devices/software (resources) that will be shared across a network, as well as a list of the equipment necessary to set up the network. Shop online to get the best pricing, and include vendor names and prices for each component. Justify the reasons for each component. (HINT: Remember than in an office setting, it is much more efficient to share devices such as printers and scanners across the network.)

Part VI – Social Media
Eduardo has asked you to create a presence for the company on social media. Taking into account your customer base, identify which social media sites you will use. Answer the following questions:
• How will you protect the company’s reputation?
• Explain the importance of intellectual property and what may or may not be used.
• How will you protect your company in regard to privacy online? Include what privacy settings you would use in the social media accounts you choose.

Upload the document/s to this Dropbox. Name it “Your Last Name FinalProject”.


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