Have you recently written a book? The hardest part is over. You wrote the outlined the book, wrote the content, proofread and edited and put the finishing touches on it. What’s the best way to make sure your book gets reviewed? Use book review companies, like Writerss.Net . At Writerss.Net  you’ll get a detailed review that will depict you in a good light and reflect your writing in the best way possible.

A book review is a sure fire way to get noticed. No one care’s about a book that no one else has read, but once it’s been reviewed a whole new twist is put on the book. It now has credentials. Book review services are the best way to get your books name out there. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Our Services

You get to choose your writer, always a native English speaker, which means you’ll get the review you’re looking for. You can also keep in touch with your writer the whole time the review is being written. This way you can ensure that nothing is going wrong and you are getting the book review you hoped for. When you buy book reviews from us, you can count on quality.

Need it sooner? No problem. We can meet tight deadlines with no problem at all. If you need it the day after tomorrow, that’s when you’ll get it. None of the perks of working with us are compromised when you need something done by a certain time. You still get to choose your writer, and keep in touch with your writer. Our book review services are top notch and worthy of glowing reviews in themselves.

The review is 100% original and written just for you. This means that it’s not just a generic book review, it is written specifically about your book and you as an author. It is written from scratch 100% and there is no problem with writing on obscure subjects or books on obscure subjects. Our writers are ready for anything, and are ready to do their best job. You won’t find higher quality than writerss.Net.

There is nothing pre-written about your book review. We start from your ideas. If you have ideas, we will incorporate them the best that we can. We start from scratch and write solely about your book and the author who wrote it. This means there’s no reason to worry about an unoriginal or uninspired book review.

Our Services Pricing Table

Please take a second to check our pricing tables for academic and business writing. Number in each column represents an average price for 1 written page (double spacing, Arial / Times New Roman, 12 pt, approximately 300 words per page). Total fee that we charge will depend on type of paper you need, number of pages, delivery date, spacing, and the level of writing. We do not drop complicated or urgent assignments. If you have one, don’t fret and contact support to get the price quote.

Academic Writing

15 days + $17.55 $20.3 $22.15 $24.05 $26.00 $28.90 $31.9
9 – 10 days $20.85 $23.60 $25.45 $27.35 $29.30 $32.20 $35.20
5 – 6 days $23.40 $26.15 $28.00 $29.90 $31.85 $34.75 $37.75
1 day $29.75 $32.50 $34.35 $36.25 $38.15 $41.10 $44.10
8 – 23 hours $31.50 $34.25 $36.10 $38.00 $39.95 $42.85 $45.85

Editing Service

15 days + $11.70 $13.20 $14.20 $15.70 $16.20 $17.70 $19.20
9 – 10 days $13.90 $15.40 $16.40 $17.90 $18.40 $19.90 $21.40
5 – 6 days $15.60 $17.10 $18.10 $19.10 $20.10 $21.60 $23.10
1 day $19.83 $21.33 $22.33 $23.33 $24.33 $25.83 $27.33
8 – 23 hours $21.00 $22.50 $23.50 $24.50 $25.50 $27.00 $28.50

Business Writing

LEVEL / DEADLINE 15 DAYS + 9 – 10 DAYS 5 – 6 DAYS 1 DAY 8 – 23 HOURS
Standard $22.15 $25.45 $28.00 $34.35 $36.10
Premium $26.95 $30.25 $32.80 $39.15 $40.90