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Our Services Pricing Table

Please take a second to check our pricing tables for academic and business writing. Number in each column represents an average price for 1 written page (double spacing, Arial / Times New Roman, 12 pt, approximately 300 words per page). Total fee that we charge will depend on type of paper you need, number of pages, delivery date, spacing, and the level of writing. We do not drop complicated or urgent assignments. If you have one, don’t fret and contact support to get the price quote.

Academic Writing

15 days + $17.55 $20.3 $22.15 $24.05 $26.00 $28.90 $31.9
9 – 10 days $20.85 $23.60 $25.45 $27.35 $29.30 $32.20 $35.20
5 – 6 days $23.40 $26.15 $28.00 $29.90 $31.85 $34.75 $37.75
1 day $29.75 $32.50 $34.35 $36.25 $38.15 $41.10 $44.10
8 – 23 hours $31.50 $34.25 $36.10 $38.00 $39.95 $42.85 $45.85

Editing Service

15 days + $11.70 $13.20 $14.20 $15.70 $16.20 $17.70 $19.20
9 – 10 days $13.90 $15.40 $16.40 $17.90 $18.40 $19.90 $21.40
5 – 6 days $15.60 $17.10 $18.10 $19.10 $20.10 $21.60 $23.10
1 day $19.83 $21.33 $22.33 $23.33 $24.33 $25.83 $27.33
8 – 23 hours $21.00 $22.50 $23.50 $24.50 $25.50 $27.00 $28.50

Business Writing

LEVEL / DEADLINE 15 DAYS + 9 – 10 DAYS 5 – 6 DAYS 1 DAY 8 – 23 HOURS
Standard $22.15 $25.45 $28.00 $34.35 $36.10
Premium $26.95 $30.25 $32.80 $39.15 $40.90